Golden vs Raw CBD Hemp Oil. What’s The Difference?

RAW and Golden CBD Hemp Oil UK

Up until recently, we have only supplied premium quality golden CBD hemp oil. This is due to the fact that it has a much smoother taste than most other CBD oils, so most people find it much more pleasant to hold under the tongue on a daily basis. However, some people enjoy that stronger earthy taste that raw cbd hemp oil has, and some people even report that it works better for them than golden CBD hemp oil. But other than the taste, what’s the difference between the two? To answer this question we need to look at the different production processes that they go through.


How is it made?


Both our golden and raw CBD hemp oils are made using several specifically selected Hemp Cannabis Sativa strains that are grown organically under government license and harvested in the EU. Custom-built supercritical CO2 extraction machinery is then used to create our full spectrum CBD extract. This method of extraction uses pressurised carbon to extract cannabinoids and other phytochemicals such as terpenes from the plant. CO2 extraction requires highly expensive machinery and is the cleanest, safest, most effective & most environmentally-friendly method of extraction.

For our golden CBD hemp oils, the extract is then decarboxylated, which is a gentle heating process that transforms the cannabinoids from their acidic forms such as CBDA, CBCA, CBGA & THCA into their bioavailable forms: CBD, CBC CBG & THC. Low temperatures are used when heating in order to retain many of the beneficial terpenes.

Our Raw CBD hemp oil is not decarboxylated on site and contains higher levels of the acidic forms, however, many people are unaware that all CBD oils decarboxylate naturally by the day. So by the time that the customer receives the product, the levels of CBDA or other acidic forms are likely to be slightly lower than when they were tested.

These acidic forms were previously thought to be inactive, however more up to date research is disproving these claims. The increased levels of terpenes in Raw oils also means that they have much more potential to enhance health and wellbeing.

Our golden CBD hemp oils go through filtering to remove plant matter such as wax to optimise the taste and purity of the oil. The end product is a highly potent & beautifully golden coloured CBD oil.

Our Raw CBD hemp oils are not filtered, contain grainy plant material, have a darker colour and a stronger taste. However, due to the fact they contain more of the natural compounds atter, they have a stronger entourage effect.

Both oils are mixed with organic cold-pressed hemp seed oil which helps with CBD absorption and is full of essential fatty acids that are essential for human health. The final step is bottling into dark bottles which protect the oil from light which can damage CBD potency.


Which is better?


It’s very difficult to say whether one is better than the other as it depends on personal preference, how an individual reacts to different phytochemicals and what an individual is using CBD hemp oil for.

The golden cbd hemp oil does have a smoother taste and has more accurate levels of CBD as the majority of the acidic forms have already been converted. However, the filtration does reduce the levels of other beneficial compounds which can consequently reduce the range of benefits that it has.

The raw cbd hemp oil contains higher amounts of the acidic cannabinoid forms which have their own benefits. CBDa for example, is said have its own unique benefits, different to CBD. The greater variation of cannabinoids, terpenes and flavanoids also increase effectiveness through the entourage effect.

In the end, the best way to find out which works better for you is to give them a try. Whatever your preference may be, both our golden and raw CBD hemp oils are full spectrum, highly potent and effective.

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*UPDATE 26/05.2020*

We now have a new range of products and work with a different team of producers. Our new manufacturing team have actually managed to produce RAW CBD Oils that have a smoother taste by using a cold filtration process that retains the same balance of cannabinoids. Our 5% CBD Oil and 10% CBD Oil now have this smoother taste but are just as effective as before. Research and development is currently being undertaken to improve the taste of our higher strengths, without sacrificing effectiveness.