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Laurence Brown

I’m Laurence Brown, owner and founder of BROWN’S CBD. I’m not normally one to ‘blow my own whistle’, but after speaking with colleagues we decided that it’s important to know and trust who you buy your CBD Hemp Oil from, especially due to the growing amount of ‘cowboy’ businesses conducting business unethically.  So, I am writing this article so you can get to know me and the company values a bit better.




I come from a small town called Bourne in Lincolnshire. Here is where I grew up, went to school and worked as a self-employed plasterer. Many of my memories from living here are a bit blurry as at this point in my life I was an alcoholic. I have had issues with anxiety and depression for many years which I think was largely due to the fact that I felt lost in what I wanted to do, and did not feel a true sense of purpose. Alcohol was a way of self-medicating or escaping how I was feeling.

My father has lived in France for as long as I can remember, so I would visit him (and my sisters) with my brother once or twice per year. He lived in Grenoble, which is a beautiful city in south-east France that is surrounded by mountains. I fell in love with the landscapes and culture here and knew that I wanted to live here at some point. After working as a plasterer for a year or so in Bourne, I was given the opportunity to help out at a bar in Grenoble, so I packed my bags and moved to France!


Living in France was great fun, and I became fluent in French whilst living there. However, working in the bar just wasn’t interesting enough for me so I began looking for other options. In the end, I decided to put the language skills I had learned to good use and return to England to study Languages with International Business (French & Spanish) at Sheffield Hallam University.

Adapting to university life was a struggle given that I had previously been much more of a hands-on person. And like most students in their first year of uni, there was a lot of alcohol and partying involved. My anxiety got significantly worse whilst studying, and although Sheffield Hallam has excellent support for student’s mental health, I was too embarrassed to talk to anyone about it. And so the drinking persisted…

I did enjoy my studies, learning languages is a lot of fun and really opens your mind. On the business side, I was very passionate about ethics and sustainability. In my second year of univesity, I moved to Santander in northern Spain to study an Erasmus period.

Northern Spain is a beautiful part of the world, I never knew Spain could be so green! Here I enjoyed discovering the local culture, learning Spanish, surfing and lots of cheap cerveza! (beer). A few months into my stay here I met my partner, who I am still with to this day. In pursuit of a healthier and more positive life, we both decided to quit drinking and smoking. My anxiety improved significantly after doing so.

The next part of my university course was to do an internship in France for a year. I worked in international marketing in Paris for 6 months and then a further 6 months in a similar role in Montpellier. Both are amazing and eye-opening places to live, but I really struggled in Paris. Having to leave my new partner and move to a major city like Paris shortly after quitting alcohol completely was a challenge, especially when having a drink after work is a big part of French culture. My anxiety whilst living here was a hindrance, although I managed to offset some of it from doing lots of exercise. Despite being challenging, it was an excellent experience which I do not regret.

My time in Montpellier was much brighter, my partner came to live with me and when I wasn’t working we would travel all over the south of France together. I was amazed at how many UNESCO world heritage sites there were in a relatively small area and anyone who has visited before will know how much of a beautiful place it is. After an amazing 6 months here, my partner and I spent the summer in Spain before moving back to Sheffield for my final year of university.

In my final year, I worked very hard on my studies and anxiety levels were high. Several of my exams were presentations and at the time the mere thought of them nearly made my heart beat out of my chest. I was very worried that my anxiety would have a negative impact on my results so for the first time in my life, I began researching natural anxiety remedies online. After doing a huge amount of research, I decided to give CBD hemp oil a try and I was completely amazed by the results.

Being the final year it was also time to decide what I wanted to do when I finished. And I knew that in order for me to be truly happy in life, I needed to do something that would have a positive impact on people, be good for the environment and, of course, generate enough money for it to be sustainable. I searched for many jobs and attended many interviews, some of which were successful, but none of the jobs aligned with what I wanted to do. For years I had dreamed of having my own business (other than plastering) but I was never sure of what.

That’s when it clicked, this was the perfect idea I had been looking for – a natural, environmentally friendly product which improves the quality of life of those who use it. I began researching hemp and CBD on a deeper level and identified the differences between good and bad CBD hemp oil. I then spent several months sampling CBD hemp oils (yes, it was as pleasant as it sounds) from all of the leading EU hemp farms and one oil stood out from the rest in terms of quality and taste. This was the oil that would become BROWN’S CBD hemp oil. I decided to sell BROWN’S CBD at a highly competitive price in order to make it affordable for as many people as possible and I can confidently say that BROWN’S CBD hemp oil is one of the finest quality CBD oils in the world. It is organic, lab tested EU grown & manufactured, vegan certified and made by global leaders in the innovation and production of hemp who have been in the industry since 1999. I launched BROWN’S CBD whilst still at uni to give it a chance to establish a presence by the time I had finished. And in the end, I finished university with a 1st class degree and the groundworks of a business!

Since trying CBD hemp oil and launching BROWN’S CBD I have never felt better. I have the adventure of running a business and selling a product that truly makes a difference. I feel very lucky to be able to do something so positive, and I thank all of our customers for making it possible. We have ambitious expansion plans for the near future and we hope that you will join us on this journey.




Peak DistrictIn my free time, I like nothing more than traveling and spending time in the countryside. I am lucky enough to live next to the Peak District where I regularly go hiking. Other than that I enjoy running, cooking (plant-based), surfing, photography, studying the latest advances in CBD and cannabis and helping people to improve their quality of life!


Company values


Our mission is to help you improve your quality of life by offering pharmaceutical quality CBD products at market leading prices, and to do so in the most environmentally friendly way possible. We are strong believers in the power of plants to improve health and spend a huge amount of time researching to ensure that we can guide customers and offer them the best of the best.

Are you interested in trying our products? CLICK HERE and begin your BROWN’S CBD journey today!


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