EU Hemp Strains Used for UK CBD Oil


UK CBD Oil has become immensely popular in the past few years, but the majority of people who benefit from it know very little about where it comes from – the Cannabis plant.

Hemp is a term that was originally invented to categorise strains of low-level THC Cannabis that are approved for legal industrial uses. However, Hemp is now more popularly recognised for its high CBD content.

Much of the CBD Oil in the UK is made using several of the 66 Hemp strains that are currently registered for commercial use in the EU. In this article, we will take a closer look at three popular strains for making CBD oil UK.


What EU Hemp strains are used for making UK CBD Oil?



The table below shows the key characteristics of three popular EU Hemp strains that are used for UK CBD Oil production: Futura 75, Ferimon & Finola.

Futura 75 Ferimon Finola
CBD content 2.00-3.00% 1.00-1.50% 1 – 15%
THC content <0.12% <0.12% <0.2%
Height at maturity 250-350cm 200-250cm 160 – 189cm
Oil content in the seed 28-30% 30-32% 30-35%
Size of the seeds (TSW) 16-18 grams 16-18 grams 12-15 grams
Fiber content in the stem 30-35% 30-35% 35 – 40%
Biomass yield 10-12 t/ha 6-8 t/ha 5-7 t/ha
Vegetative cycle 140 days 125 days 100 – 120 days
Grain/seed yield 800-1000 kg/ha 800-1000 kg/ha 1000 – 2000 kg/ha

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Futura 75 and Ferimon are both French hemp strains bred by the Federacion Nacional des Producteurs de Chanvre or Hemp-It.  They are monoecious strains which means they can have both male and female flowers on the same plant. Hemp strains are normally dioecious (where male and female flowers are not produced by the same plant), however, these strains have been bred to be monoecious for increasing their seed output.

As you can see from the table, each strain has its own pros and cons. Futura 75 takes longer to grow than Ferimon and yields less oil content in the seeds, but scores higher on CBD content, the height of the plant and biomass.

Both strains are adapted to grow well in an Atlantic climate so they are a popular choice for cultivators in the Northern Hemisphere. Common commercial applications for these strains are fibre, seed production, CBD extraction and harvesting flowers.

Finola originates from breeders in Finland and is also well adapted for growing in the Nothern Hemisphere. Unlike Futura 75 and Ferimon, Finola is dioecious and is auto-flowering, which means it can produce flowers under constant lighting conditions.

It can produce higher yields of CBD, higher yields of seeds and the seeds contain more oil than both Futura75 and the Ferimon strains. However, due to the short size of the plant, it yields less biomass. As with Futura 75 and Ferimon, the common commercial applications are fibre, seed production, CBD extraction and harvesting flowers.


Are these the best Hemp strains for CBD production?


These are some of the best EU approved strains for CBD production, however they are not necessarily the best available.

Unfortunately, the THC limit of 0.2% in the plant leaves farmers with little choice on what they can use, and excludes hundreds of other strains that could yield higher for Cannabinoids. America is not subject to the same restrictions as the EU and has a much wider portfolio of hemp strains that yield much higher on cannabinoids.

However, it is important to support more local hemp farmers and CBD companies so that the income can be generated to develop our own sustainable industry here in the EU and the UK. We hope that the rules will relax in the years to come, but in the meantime – buy close to home for both the environment and the local economy!

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