New Year, New BROWN’S – What’s Changed?

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Here at BROWN’S, we have started 2020 with a bang by upgrading our entire range of CBD oils as well as launching three significant new products: the BIO-MAX Water Soluble CBD, the CBG oil and the Multi – Plant CBD Cream. Whilst this is all very exciting, those of you who had amazing results with the old range are most likely wondering why we changed. Keep reading to find out!


Where have the golden oils gone?


Those of you who follow our blog may have read the blog post – Golden vs Raw CBD Hemp Oil. What’s the Difference? , which outlines some of the differences between the two main types of CBD oil available. Here, we are going into a bit more detail to clarify why we have chosen to leave the golden oils behind.

In a nutshell, the golden oils are fully decarboxylated and go through a filtering process called short path distillation. This processing gives them a smoother taste but removes or reduces many beneficial compounds.


What is decarboxylation?


Decarboxylation is a heating process that transforms all of the acidic compounds that occur naturally in the hemp plant, such as CBDA, CBCA and CBGA, into their neutral forms – CBD, CBC and CBG. These acidic forms were previously thought to be inactive. However, more recent research is revealing that they are far more beneficial than previously thought.

Various studies (which we can’t link to for legal reasons), have demonstrated that the acidic forms are more bioavailable, meaning that they are more easily absorbed by the body. On top of that, they have demonstrated a range of unique benefits. Whilst we can’t talk about these benefits in this article, you can type ‘CBDA benefits’ or ‘CBGA benefits’ in Google and you will find a wealth of information.


What is short path distillation?


Short path distillation is a filtering process that is used to remove ‘unwanted plant matter’ from the extract and improve the taste. This is true to some extent, waxes, for example, do not really bring anything to the table. However, this process can significantly reduce or remove a wide range of terpenes, flavinoids and other beneficial compounds that the Hemp plant has to offer.

Terpenes such as Myrcene, B – Caryophyllene, Pinene, Limonene and Linalool have not only demonstrated their own range of unique benefits but they are also theorised to play a key role in the entourage effect.


What is the entourage effect?


Entourage is a word of French origin that has several meanings but is most often used to describe the surroundings of a subject.

The entourage effect is a phenomenon where a wide range of compounds, such as cannabinoids, terpenes and flavinoids (the surroundings), work in synergy to produce a greater effect than the sum of isolated components (the subject).

CBD, for example, seems to have a greater effect when it is in its natural form – surrounded by a range of terpenes and flavinoids, than it does in its pure form.


Why RAW CBD Oil?

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As you can see, for the sake of having a slightly smoother taste, a lot of benefits are sacrificed with the golden oils.

We previously offered a range of golden and raw CBD oils so that you could have the choice, but many found this confusing so we decided to only offer the best products in terms of their effectiveness because at the end of the day, you buy them for their effect and not their flavour.

Besides, our new range of oils are not only significantly more effective than the previous range, but they actually have a smoother taste than many other raw oils out there so you are getting the best of both worlds.

The benefits of the new range far outweigh the taste of the golden, so we hope that you trust it was the logical and right decision moving forward. 


What is CBG Oil?



cbg oil uk- buy cbg oil uk


CBG, or Cannabigerol is a very exciting cannabinoid that is often referred to as the stem cell cannabinoid. This is due to the fact that all cannabinoids originate from CBG/CBGA. In other words, CBGA transforms into these other cannabinoids over time.

CBG levels are at their highest at a premature stage of growth in the hemp plant, meaning that the farmer needs to harvest early to get optimum amounts in the final product. As CBG only naturally occurs in the hemp plant in very small amounts, far more raw materials are required to extract a significant amount, which makes it very expensive to produce.

Research on the benefits of CBG is limited, however, we know that it interacts with our endocannabinoid system in a similar way to CBD and also has a range of its own unique benefits.

From our experience and our feedback, we have found that CBG has a significantly stronger effect than CBD so just a small amount can be very effective. On top of that, users have reported a different effect to CBD (which we can’t go into for legal reasons).

Our 3% CBG Hemp Oil contains a balance between CBG/CBGA and CBD/CBDA and is extracted in a way that preserves all other beneficial compounds (terpenes etc.).

Whilst 3% may seem like a low strength, do not be put off. This oil has one of the most powerful entourage effects that we have experienced and has been just as effective as higher strength CBD oils. If you have not tried it yet, we highly recommend that you do!


What is the BIO-MAX water soluble CBD?



water soluble cbd uk - buy water soluble cbd


BIO-MAX is a revolutionary product that has been expertly formulated to be water-soluble and more bioavailable than standard oils.

Standard CBD oils are very effective when applied using the sublingual method (holding the drops under the tongue before swallowing). However, when ingested directly, only small amounts of CBD are absorbed due to its poor bioavailability.

BIO-MAX contains a complex balance of natural ingredients which allow it to mix perfectly into drinks and facilitate the absorption of CBD. So much so that this 4% concentration can be just as effective as a 40% oil when ingested.

Unlike many other water-soluble products out there, it contains a good balance of CBD/CBDA and natural terpenes meaning the user not only benefits from superior bioavailability, but also the entourage effect. On top of that, it contains a good dose of Curcumin that has a powerful anti-inflammatory effect.

The product itself has a convenient spray pump that efficiently disperses a dose directly into the drink of your choice.

As with the CBG oil, do not be put off by the seemingly low strength, this product is highly effective and a must-try. 


What is the Multi-Plant CBD Cream?


cbd cream uk - buy cbd cream

We were initially hesitant about including CBD cosmetics into the range, but this cream has been so effective that we had to.

CBD has demonstrated a range of benefits for the skin, again, a quick search of ‘CBD skin benefits’ with Google will give you plenty of information on this. But the Multi-Plant CBD Cream has a lot more to offer than the powers of CBD. It has been developed by a team of skin cosmetics experts to be the ultimate all-in-one skin cream by combining CBD with 10 organic skin-loving plant extracts.

As well as being a deeply nourishing and protective moisturiser, it has a range of unique benefits such as:

  • Restoring Skin
  • Increasing Skin Elasticity
  • A Calming Effect
  • Increasing Natural Skin Flora
  • Balancing PH levels

The cream will leave the skin nourished, moisturised and with a radiant glow. The perfect addition to your CBD wellness regime.


We hope this article has cleared up any questions you may have has about the new product range and we can’t wait to hear your feedback on the products. If you’re ready to give the new range a try, you can save 15% until the end of the month with discount code: LAUNCH. CLICK HERE to head over to our shop!









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