Water Soluble CBD for Dummies

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The number of people looking to Buy Water Soluble CBD has risen sharply. Claims of increased bioavailability and a more effective product pound-for-pound than CBD Oil make a highly attractive offer. But how many of you actually understand how it works? Keep reading to find out.


How Our Body Absorbs CBD


In order to understand how water soluble CBD works, we first need to understand bioavailability and how our body processes CBD.

Bioavailability is the amount of a substance that successfully makes it into the bloodstream.

Given that the human body is roughly 65 – 70% water, substances that mix with water are normally more bioavailable than those that do not.

If you have ever tried adding a few drops of CBD Oil to your tea or coffee, you will have noticed that it floats on the top. This is because oil and water do not mix.

Many people are also unaware that the CBD molecule itself is hydrophobic (water-hating). So even if you use pure CBD, your body will still find it very difficult to process and absorb.

Holding the drops under the tongue allows for CBD to be absorbed directly through the mucous membranes in your mouth and is much more efficient.

But when CBD is ingested directly, your body has to make the CBD water soluble so that it can be absorbed.

CBD Molecule

It achieves this by using a molecule to encapsulate the CBD. You can imagine this as your body forming a protective bubble around the molecule.

This molecule is lipophilic (fat-loving) on one side, and hydrophilic (water-loving) on the other.

It works by attaching the fat-loving side of the molecule to the CBD, then uses the water-loving side to transport it into the bloodstream.

The problem is that during this process, up to 90% of the CBD can be wasted. Water Soluble CBD products are designed to overcome this problem.


How Does Water Soluble CBD Work?


There are several types of Water Soluble CBD that attempt to increase the bioavailability. The two most common methods are Nano and Lipsomal.

Nano CBD is very popular in the USA but is currently prohibited in the EU. It works by breaking the CBD into nano-sized particles so that they are more easily mixed with water.

The smaller size does make it easier for the body to absorb and the assumption is that this also increases bioavailability.

However, even though the particles are smaller in size they still need to be encapsulated with the same process as larger-sized particles. So, in the end, much of the CBD is still wasted.

Lipsomal products use an emulsifier (normally lecithin) to bind the CBD with water so that our body doesn’t have to. Binding the CBD to lecithin is a complicated process that normally requires several additional ingredients to keep it stable.

More often than not, many of the hemp plant’s beneficial compounds can be lost in the process.


How Does the BIO-MAX Water Soluble CBD Work?



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The BIO-MAX uses a complex blend of natural ingredients that allows the CBD to be absorbed up to 10 times more efficiently than a standard oil when ingested.

These ingredients work as a lipoprotein, which allows the CBD to be transported directly to the bloodstream without having to be metabolised.

The BIO-MAX also retains a good balance of CBD/CBDA and contains a range of terpenes in the same ratios that are naturally found in the Hemp plant. This means that the user can not only experience increased bioavailability but also, increased entourage effect.

For those of you who don’t know, the entourage effect is where the effects of CBD and other cannabinoids are amplified when surrounded by the range of natural compounds found in the Hemp plant.

Given that it is water soluble, it can mix perfectly into your favourite drinks. Whether that be your morning coffee or tea, your water bottle, your protein shake, or even your mocktail.

It also contains water soluble Curcumin, which has a powerful anti-inflammatory effect. Even further adding to its range of benefits.


We hope that this article was clear for you and that you now understand how water soluble CBD works. If you want to experience first-hand how it could optimise your wellbeing, you can Buy Water Soluble CBD by CLICKING HERE.