What Does CBD Oil Taste Like?

What Does CBD Oil Taste Like?

Before buying anything that you need to put in your mouth, it’s perfectly natural to wonder what it tastes like. So it comes as no surprise that “What does CBD Oil Taste Like?” is a question we get asked on a regular basis. Different people have different tastes so it can be a difficult question to tackle, but we will try our very best to explain!


What Determines CBD Oil Flavour?


The Hemp plant contains hundreds of different compounds that contribute to the flavour of CBD Oil, with some of the most notable being Terpenes and Chlorophyll.




Chlorophyll is a chemical responsible for creating green pigment and absorbing light for photosynthesis. It is found in all green plants and is known to have a mildly bitter and slightly minty taste.




Terpenes are aromatic compounds that give Cannabis plants their wide variation of scents. They only make up a small proportion of the compounds found in CBD Oils, normally less than 1%.

Some of the most prominent terpenes found in CBD Extracts are:

  • Myrcene – also found in Mangoes and Hops, has an earthy flavour with fruity hints.
  • B – Caryophyllene – also found in black pepper, has a slightly spicy but sweet flavour.
  • Pinene – also found in Pine trees, has an earthy, woody flavour.
  • Limonene – also found in Lemons, Oranges and other citrus fruits, has a citrusy, lemony flavour.
  • Linalool – also found in Lavender, has a floral flavour.

The levels of these different terpenes in the final extract depend on the extraction and processing methods used. CO2 extraction can be adjusted to extract high quantities of terpenes in the extract. Whilst processing methods such as short-path distillation will normally evaporate them out of the extract, which can be reintroduced later if required.

Some companies choose to include terpenes for flavour and a wide range of health benefits, whilst some choose to remove them to create a tasteless product.


Carrier Oil


The carrier oil that the extract is mixed with can also have a considerable contribution to the overall flavour, depending on the ratios of each.

The two most commonly used carrier oils are Hemp Seed Oil and MCT Oil. Hemp seed oil tends to have a mild nutty flavour whilst MCT oil is more or less tasteless.


Do All CBD Oils Taste The Same?


No, the taste of different CBD Oils can vary greatly depending on the plants, the processing methods and ingredients used.

Different strains of Hemp or Cannabis can have completely different terpene profiles, meaning they can all have unique flavours and scents. Most UK CBD Oils available are made from EU-approved Hemp strains such as Futura 75, Finola or Ferimon. But factors such as the growing method used could even mean two oils made form the same strain have different tastes.

The two main types of extract used to make CBD Oils are Pure Hemp Paste or CBD Distillate.

Oils made using Pure Hemp Paste will contain all of the compounds found in the hemp plant, whilst CBD Distillate is a selective extract that will normally contain very high levels of CBD and minimal levels of other compounds such as terpenes (unless reintroduced).

Oils made with Pure Hemp Paste normally have a stronger taste than those made using Distillate. However, filtering can be used to improve the flavour of CBD Oils made using Hemp Paste, but without damaging balances of cannabinoids.

Whilst most oils available are simply a mixture of the extract and a carrier oil, some contain other ingredients such as flavourings or preservatives which can also change the flavour of CBD Oil.


What Does CBD Oil Taste Like?


We have given you plenty of information there, but you are probably still wondering what it tastes like! As you can see it depends on so many factors that we can’t say how all CBD Oil tastes, but we can tell you how our products taste.

Our products are all made using a CO2 extracted, Full Spectrum Hemp Paste that has been extracted from EU-approved hemp strains.

We classify our CBD Hemp Oils as RAW, as they are made using low temperatures. This means that important cannabinoids such as CBDA are retained in the final product. RAW CBD Oils are commonly known to have a distinct earthy taste, however, our manufacturing team have now begun using a cold filtering process to give our oils a smoother taste, whilst retaining the same balance of cannabinoids.

The taste of each of our products can be seen below:

5% CBD Oil - 10% CBD Oil

Our 5% CBD Hemp Oil and 10% CBD Hemp Oil both have a flavour that can be described as smooth, natural, rich and nutty with subtle fruity hints

20% CBD Oil - 25% CBD Oil

The 2o% CBD Hemp Oil and 25% CBD Hemp Oil have a stronger taste, that can be described as strong, natural, rich and nutty with subtle fruity hints.













Our CBG Hemp Oil taste is also smooth like the 5 and 10% oils, but slightly stronger and with elevated fruity hints. We still describe the overall taste for this oil as smooth, natural, rich and nutty with subtle fruity hints.

Water Soluble CBD

The BIO-MAX Water Soluble CBD has a pleasantly sweet taste that complements most drinks very nicely.
















Whilst most people enjoy the taste of our CBD Hemp Oils, some do not. Everyone is different. For people who are not keen on the natural taste of our oils, we recommend the BIO-MAX Water Soluble CBD, as this can be mixed with drinks and swallowed directly.

So there you have it, we hope that you now better understand what CBD Oil tastes like. If you are interested in trying any of our products, click below!