Will CBD Be Reclassified As A Drug? – The Latest Plot Twist

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Will CBD Be Reclassified As A Drug?


In our recent article – CBD Novel Food – What’s Going on?, we outlined the current climate for the CBD industry in the EU and the UK.

In short, CBD companies must submit complex scientific dossiers to prove the safety of products containing cannabinoids, as the EU decided that cannabinoids had not been consumed to a significant degree before 1997. Which is false.

Now, the EU has pivoted on this stance whilst they decide if non-synthetic CBD is, in fact, a narcotic drug, and not food…


Will The UK Food Standards Agency Follow Suit?


Luckily, the UK FSA has confirmed that CBD will not be reclassified as a narcotic. Which is welcoming news to the consumer and the many companies paying hundreds of thousands on creating Novel Food dossiers.

However, there is still huge uncertainty as to whether non-selective, full-spectrum CBD Oils will be permitted for sale after 31 March 2021.

Full Spectrum CBD Oils offer the most benefits to the consumer, as they contain hundreds of active compounds that can benefit wellbeing. Furthermore, these compounds can work in synergy to enhance the benefits of CBD.

Whatever happens, we will do everything we can to continue offering the most effective products available at market leading prices.


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