CBD Patches UK – How Do Transdermal Patches Work?

CBD Patches UK

In our previous article – CBD Patches – The Convenient Alternative, we outlined the basics of Transdermal CBD Patches UK and how they work. However, the more curious among you may appreciate a more detailed outlook of how transdermal technology works. If this is you, then read on!


Transdermal Delivery Systems


Transdermal delivery systems have existed for a very long time, historically only being used in the form of topical creams and ointments. Typically they would either be used for targeted relief of a specific area or for a gradual, controlled release of a substance into the bloodstream. However, these traditional methods had their drawbacks, such as the cream being washed off the skin by sweating or cleaning.

Transdermal patches were developed to overcome these drawbacks and have been used for various applications since 1979, however, the most well known is the nicotine patch. Which is widely used to help people quit smoking.

The two main systems used in skin patches are the Reservoir and Matrix system.

The reservoir system holds the substance, such as CBD or nicotine, in a small reservoir within the patch. The substance tends to be held within a gel, that uses a ‘release membrane’ to release a measured amount of the substance.

Our CBD Patches UK use the matrix system. The matrix system works by blending the CBD directly with the material of the patch, in our case, this is biodegradable polyethylene. The release of the CBD is entirely dependant on the dose of the substance within the patch, so the skin will continuously draw the CBD from the patch until there is nothing left.

Both systems use a layer of adhesive to attach to the skin and take advantage of a concentration gradient. Which is where the substance, contained in a large concentration, will naturally disperse to an area in which the substance is absent or in a lower concentration (the skin).


Skin to the Bloodstream


Once the CBD has been drawn from the patch, it still has to travel further in order to deliver its range of benefits.

The skin is lipophilic, which means it naturally absorbs oily or fatty substances, such as Cannabidiol, well. From the skin, the cannabidiol will be absorbed through the outer layer of skin (the Epidermis), into the deeper Dermis layer. Once in the dermal layer, the CBD can be absorbed through the dermo microcirculation, which is a small network of blood vessels within the Dermis.

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