EU Brings Positive Change to the Hemp Industry


Last week, European MEP’s voted in favour of increasing the permitted level of THC in hemp strains from 0.2% to 0.3%, and also to introduce official marketing standards for hemp products.

While a 0.1% increase may seem insignificant to outsiders, this small change will allow for many new varieties of hemp to be used. New varieties could now be bred to increase yields of cannabinoids, seeds and also be better adapted to climatic differentiation in the EU. All of which will contribute to a more profitable and sustainable hemp industry.

Official marketing standards will raise the bar in terms of quality to the consumer, and help to ‘weed out’ companies selling substandard products.

So overall, these positive steps will help both the industry and the consumer to further reap the benefits of what could be regarded as the world’s most useful plant.

Perhaps the most positive of all is the long-overdue willingness of MP’s to collaborate in developing a sustainable hemp industry that will benefit both the human race and the planet. BROWN’S CBD hopes that the UK will take influence from this attitude and finally allow hemp farmers to establish a seed-to-sale CBD & cannabinoid industry right here in the UK.