How To Be Happy – A Proactive Approach

Are you happy? If your initial reaction to reading the title of this article is that it’s easier said than done, you’re absolutely right.

Sadly, in the year ending in March 2019, 4.2 million people in the UK reported having low levels of happiness. But with the UK scoring high in terms of quality of life, have you ever wondered why? Life is too short to not enjoy to its fullest, so if your looking for some practical tips to boost your own – read on.


How To Boost Happiness


Initially, aspects such as a good diet and regular exercise may come to mind. While these are highly important for health and wellbeing, they may not suffice for optimal happiness.

One example of this can be found in the elderly population. On average, elderly people, who happen to have many health complications, are happier than younger generations. So what’s their secret?

A team of investigators lead by Psychologist Laura Carstensten, uncovered a simple but logical answer – they simply don’t have time for negativity. Elderly people tend to spend the remainder of their time proactively choosing a positive mentality, ignoring negativity and strategically doing things that make them happy.

But why wait until you get old to do the same? Below are three simple but effective methods for increasing overall happiness.


1) Count Your Blessings


Every day, make a routine reflecting on the good things in your life. Do you have a roof over your head? Access to good quality nutrition? Are you in good health with a loving family? These are all things we can be grateful for.

One of the reasons why developing countries often report higher levels of happiness than richer, developed countries is that when you have little, you count your blessings.


2) Cultivate Optimism


Mindfulness plays a huge roll in maintaining happiness. By consciously choosing to look at the positive aspects of each situation instead of the negatives, you will cultivate a more optimistic and positive outlook on life.

For example, if you have been locked down due to a pandemic and you can’t go to the pub, that can be frustrating. But you can also use the time at home to work on personal development or any other project you haven’t had time to do in the past. And if you have been furloughed, you might count your blessings that you still have a source of income and not one of the unfortunate businesses that have had to close with little financial support.

Recalibrate the way you think to always look on the bright side of life, as the song goes.


3) Eliminate Negativity


It can be very easy to slip into negative thought cycles or spend time doing things that have a negative impact on you.

One example is the news. Constantly checking the fear-inducing articles that are pumped out by mainstream media can be a huge source of negativity. Choosing not to read the news, or even just limiting it could make you much happier.

Similarly, spending too much time on social media can often provoke negativity. It can cause us to make unhealthy life comparisons to others, which often are not accurate representations of peoples lives anyway.

Identify all sources of negativity in your life and eliminate them. You will reap the benefits.


4) Encourage Happiness In Others


Last, but certainly not least – if you have close ones that are unhappy or have a negative outlook, send them this article! By spreading positivity to your close ones it will have a contagious effect on the whole tribe. Boosting happiness for everyone, including yourself.

We hope that this article manages to at least one person happier – wellbeing is one of our core principles at BROWN’S CBD as without happiness and good health, what do you have?

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