Are CBD Flowers Legal?

CBD Flowers are widely available to purchase in the UK both via highstreet CBD shops and online. Suppliers will often claim that they are perfectly legal for sale and consumption, unfortunately, this is misleading as they are technically illegal.


Not a Question of THC Content


You may have heard sellers claim that their CBD buds are legal because they have a THC content of less than 0.2%. The 0.2% rule actually exclusively refers to the maximum THC content that farmers can use for cultivation, and not to any finished product.

According to the Home Office’s fact sheet on CBD & Cannabinoids,¬†finished products can contain no more than 1mg of a controlled substance per container, regardless of the container’s size. However, even if the CBD Flower contained less than 1mg of THC, it would still be illegal.

A key point that suppliers often fail to mention is that Cannabis itself is a controlled substance, regardless of its cannabinoid composition.


A Lack of Enforcement


The main reason why is flower is so widely available is because the majority of police choose not to enforce the law. Which is understandable considering they pose little threat to health or society. More often than not, their valuable time and resources would be better spent elsewhere.

There are many useless laws that still exist that are never enforced, take the Salmon act of 1986 as a prime example. According to this law, it’s illegal to handle salmon under suspicious circumstances. Does that mean you need to be paranoid when eating a salmon sandwich?

Jokes aside, there have been multiple cases of suppliers of CBD Flowers being prosecuted for the sale of a class B drug. But we are not currently aware of any individuals being prosecuted for personal use.

In fact, many police forces across the UK are effectively deciding not to use legal action against cannabis users, due to the fact that many people use it for medical/health reasons and that it’s a huge waste of time.


Why Do BROWN’S CBD Not Supply CBD Flowers?


While we support the legalisation of Cannabis, we believe it is important to stay on the right side of the law.

Furthermore, we are a health and wellbeing oriented brand, so we only supply products that are genuinely healthy. For that reason, we don’t currently supply smokables or vaping products. That’s not to say that these products are particularly harmful, it’s just we do not see them as optimal when it comes to health.

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