Combine CBD With The Wim Hoff Method

We often talk about how our customers use CBD products to improve health and wellbeing, but proactive wellbeing enhancement shouldn’t end there. The basics of a healthy diet, plenty of sleep, healthy foods, exercise, and spending time outdoors are all essential. But The Wim Hoff Method is a science-backed routine that could take you to the next level.


Who is Wim Hoff?


Wim Hoff, otherwise known as The Iceman, is a Dutch athlete who has a remarkable ability to withstand cold temperatures. In fact, he holds an astonishing 21 Guinness world records for achievements such as running a marathon in the arctic and climbing Mount Everest wearing only his shorts.

But perhaps his most amazing achievement is proving that immune system response can be willfully influenced. This was a ground-breaking discovery previously unknown to the scientific community.


What is the Wim Hoff Method?


The Wim Hoff Method actually consists of three pillars: cold therapy, breathing techniques and commitment.

Cold therapy consists of exposing oneself to cold temperatures. While Wim enjoys taking baths in ice, this can be achieved on a lower level by simply having cold showers. The benefits of cold therapy are vast – from improving immune function to better sleep, increased production of endorphins, fat burning and reducing inflammation.

Wim Hoffs breathing technique can improve energy levels, help detoxify the body, reduce stress and is scientifically proven to improve immune function. Amazing right? You can influence your immune system simply by breathing in a particular way.

The commitment pillar refers to the motivation required to push yourself beyond your comfort zone. Which is obviously needed to have a cold shower in the first place!

So now that you know the foundations of the method, time to give it a try! Follow the steps in the video below to begin your journey right now.


How did you find it? By combining this breathing technique with cold showers and CBD, we are confident that your wellbeing levels will skyrocket!

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