Rubbing CBD Oil On Your Strawberries?!


CBD is an exciting compound with a plethora of uses, but have you ever considered rubbing it on Strawberries? We hadn’t either!

But the recent study¬†– ‘Using Cannabidiol as a potential postharvest treatment to maintain quality and extend the shelf life of strawberries‘,¬†has found that it can inhibit mould growth, extend shelf life, and improve the overall quality of Strawberries. Researchers believe that this due to CBD’s impressive antimicrobial properties.

While this may be a somewhat expensive way to preserve strawberries at home, this antimicrobial effect will not only be limited to Strawberries… CBD companies cannot make any medical claims, but we’ll leave it to your imagination to think other practical uses for CBD based on this study.

And if you do decide to rub CBD Oil on your strawberries, of course, you will still be able to experience the benefits of CBD when you decide to consume them!

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