Is CBD Bad For The Liver – New Research

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Last year the media was hit with a plague of articles claiming that CBD can be bad for the liver. Which cast doubt upon a product that was previously seen to be extremely safe.

For those who read the studies that these claims were based on, it was clear that they were gross exaggerations. However, much of the public do not read such studies, and unsubstantiated claims can be taken as truth.

Fortunately, a new clinical study seems to have uncovered the facts about the effects that cannabidiol has on the liver.


How was the study designed?


Valdicare, a clinical research company based in the USA, followed 839 participants ingesting oral CBD products for 60 days. Both full-spectrum cannabidiol products and products based on CBD Isolate were used for the study.

After 60 days blood tests were taken to determine the levels of the liver enzyme ‘ALT’, which is an indicator of damaged liver cells.


What were the findings?


Overall, Valdicare found no significant evidence to suggest that cannabidiol can lead to liver disease. However, 3 of the 839 participants, who were taking other prescription medications, did have 3x the normal levels of ALT.

So this study affirms the advice that the industry has given from the start. CBD is safe and well-tolerated for most people, however, people taking medication should consult their doctor before using any supplement. As a precaution, it is also not recommended for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Cannabidiol products such as CBD Oil UK, are used all over the world to help promote wellbeing and to relax and calm the mind. So this new evidence will be well-received among CBD users and regulators alike.

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CBD Oil United Kingdom