Cold-Pressed Hemp Oil – A Traditional Method

As the CBD industry has flourished, companies have invested into many different production methods in order to create the best CBD oils and products available.

In most cases, this is a positive thing, but in others, it can be a detriment to the efficacy of hemp-derived supplements.


What is Cold-Pressed Hemp Oil?


Cold-pressed Hemp Oil, not to be confused with hemp seed oil, is a full spectrum oil that is made using the traditional extraction method of cold compression.

Applying extreme pressure to the hemp flowers and other parts of the plant results in a sticky resin that is rich in cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, and all of the other health-promoting compounds that can be found in the Hemp plant.

This resin is sometimes referred to as ‘rosin’ and can be blended with a carrier oil to create potent products with a rich flavor profile.

Another method is to simply infuse hemp flowers in oil with some low heat applied in order to transfer the compounds from the flowers to the oil.

Thanks to the low temperatures used in extraction, Cold-Pressed Hemp Oils retain a cannabinoid profile that is identical to the plant from which they are extracted from. Therefore, they can offer the most complete entourage effect possible.

The entourage effect is a phenomenon in which hundreds of compounds exhibit a synergistic effect that outperforms products with a narrower spectrum of compounds. As a general rule, the more compounds a product contains, the more potent it is.

One downside of cold-pressed hemp oils is that they tend to have lower concentrations of CBD than oils made using standard extraction methods. While standard CBD oils tend to be concentrated, cold-pressed hemp oils are limited to the CBD content of the source plant.

European hemp tends to contain anywhere between 1 and 15% CBD, but more frequently around the 3% mark.

So Cold-Pressed Hemp Oils will contain lower concentrations of cannabinoids, but higher concentrations of every other compound. Which will more than compensate in terms of potency.


Cold-Pressed & Novel Foods


In the UK, ‘novel’ CBD products, including our range at BROWN’S CBD are going through an approval phase with the Food Standards Agency.

Companies have submitted substantial scientific evidence to demonstrate the safety and stability of their products.

While everyone is hoping that full spectrum cannabinoid supplements will be given the green light to remain on sale, the truth is that nobody knows what will happen.

Many speculate that broad-spectrum CBD oil, which has had all THC and CBN completely removed, will likely replace many of the products currently available.

However, the FSA has confirmed in writing that hemp products made using cold compression, such as cold-pressed CBD oils, are not subject to novel foods regulations as they have a long history of use.

So in the worst-case scenario, cold-pressed hemp oils could offer a lifeline for the millions of consumers who rely on full-spectrum products to support their wellbeing.

Because of this, BROWN’S CBD is excited to be working on a new range of cold-pressed hemp oils to be offered alongside our current range. We will keep you posted with our progress!


Cold-Pressed Hemp Oil