Does CBD Vape Work? Is It Safe?

Full Spectrum CBD Vape

CBD Vape has been a commonly requested product here at BROWN’S CBD, and we are now developing a product that meets our requirements. But many will be wondering if it actually works and to what extent it is safe for regular use. Read on to find out!


How does vaping CBD work?




Vaping is short for vapourising, which is when a substance is heated to a certain temperature that causes compounds to turn into vapor which can then be inhaled directly through the lungs.

With a CBD vape pen, the vape liquid is heated by a battery-powered atomiser that is activated either by pressing a button or upon inhalation. The liquid itself tends to be stored in an interchangeable cartridge that screws onto the pen. Much like smoking, vaping is the fastest way to get cannabinoids into the system.

Cannabinoids can be absorbed through the lungs almost instantaneously, which leads to high levels entering the system at once. This leads to a much stronger effect than orally-ingested CBD products such as CBD capsules, but it does not tend to last as long.

Of all available methods, vapourising cannabidiol has the highest bioavailability. Bioavailability is the proportion of a substance that effectively makes it into the bloodstream to produce an effect.

Whenever we consume products such as CBD oils, capsules, or CBD gummies directly, the body has a difficult time processing them which can lead to up to 90% of cannabinoids being lost in the process. These products have low bioavailability.

While there are ways to improve the bioavailability of these products, such as holding the drops under the tongue and consuming with a high-fat meal, the absorption rates still do not come close to those of vaping.


Does CBD vapourising work?


Indeed, given the high bioavailability and fast onset, vape certainly works. In fact, it is one of the most effective ways to feel the effects of cannabinoids.

But whether or not vaping is right for you depends on your personal situation. Some people prefer a more subtle, longer-lasting experience depending on what their goals are.

As previously mentioned, vaping has strong effects which wear off quicker than most other CBD products. This could mean that people have to be reaching for their vape pen every few hours, instead of 2-3 times per day with CBD Oils.

However, this fast onset is ideal for people who need instant results. And there are many situations where this could be very beneficial.


Is vaping CBD safe?


CBD Vapouriser


One of the biggest concerns with vaping is whether it is safe for long-term use. Unfortunately, given that vaping is such a new method, the cold hard truth is that we don’t know.

However, studies have found that vaping is 95% safer than regular smoking, so it definitely is a step forward if you already smoke.

And one can assume that if all potentially harmful ingredients were to be removed from vape liquid, this figure would be even higher.

Ingredients of concern that have been found in vape products include nicotine, propylene glycol (PG), acetaldehyde, formaldehyde, acrolein, diacetyl, diethylene glycol, benzene, and heavy metals.

These ingredients have been linked with a wide range of issues. But what if the vape cartridge contained nothing but a CBD extract from organically grown hemp and naturally-derived terpenes? We still don’t know long-term, but this is the safest vaping option that we are currently aware of.


New Product Incoming


Now that you know a bit more about  CBD Vape UK, you probably know whether or not the pros outweigh the potential cons for your situation.

Indeed, vaping does raise some concerns, but it is also a highly effective delivery method that can significantly help people.

Because of this, we are happy to announce that we will soon be launching a CBD vapouriser along with several full-spectrum CBD vape cartridge options.

The cartridges will contain nothing but a very high-quality full-spectrum extract and terpenes, eliminating all ingredients of concern for the safest possible vaping experience. We are planning to launch this within one month, keep an eye out on our social media @brownscbd for updates!

In the meantime, we have plenty of other effective cannabinoid supplements which you can browse by clicking the button below.

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