CBD Placebo VS Reality – How Can You Tell?

cbd Placebo

While many studies have indicated how CBD offers health and wellbeing benefits, there is still much to be proven. Because of this, people often ponder to what extent CBD is helping, and how much of these benefits could be due to some kind of CBD Placebo effect.

Well, it’s a very complex issue to crack, but there are ways to know for sure. Read on to find out!


What is the Placebo Effect?



For those of you who don’t know, the placebo effect is a phenomenon that involves people experiencing physical effects, fueled only by the power of expectation, from something that does not cause such effects.

It is one of the greatest demonstrations of the power of the mind to influence situations and even raises questions as to what reality even is! As many scientists agree that perception vs reality is a very nuanced area.

Thousands of experiments have demonstrated that simply by giving someone a pill (containing only sugar), and saying that it can help treat their condition, delivers real measurable results.

The effects can be so significant that many doctors admit to deliberately prescribing placebo pills to patients with great success. However, for a placebo to be most effective the subject must not know that they are being given a placebo.


How to find out the difference between placebo and ‘real’ effects?


clinical trial


Despite the effects of placebo being demonstrably real, it’s important to be able to distinguish whether these effects are coming from a substance or from the power of the mind.

In order to do this, a double-blind clinical trial is necessary. A double-blind clinical trial is a randomized experiment that normally consists of two groups of subjects – an experimental group and a control group.

The experimental group is the group in which the subjects receive the real substance, such as CBD, while the control group is given a placebo.

The results of the experimental group are then compared with the placebo group to determine what effects the real substance has.

Double-blind trials are the most rigorous form of experiment as neither the subjects nor the experimenters know who is receiving which treatment. This completely eliminates any expectations that could trigger an unintended placebo effect and hamper results.

The results of double-blind clinical trials are considered gold-standard and are as ‘real’ as can be.


CBD double-blind clinical trails


cbd clinical trial

So, now that we know how to distinguish placebo from ‘reality’, all we need to do is look for double-blind trials to prove the efficacy of CBD.

These trials do exist for certain medical issues, but unfortunately, they are fairly limited. While humans have been consuming cannabis for thousands of years, science has lagged for reasons such as prohibition and a lack of funding.

However, with the surge in popularity of cannabinoids in recent years, we expect to see some exciting results very soon. There are multiple trials taking place right now.

As our products are sold as supplements to support health and wellbeing, we can’t legally go into detail about medical issues. But we do recommend searching for ‘CBD clinical trials’ on Google┬áin order to see what has been discovered so far.

Those of us who benefit from cannabidiol on a daily basis know first-hand how effective it can be, but as with any supplement, individual results will always vary.

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