CBD & The Biphasic Effect

Biphasic CBD

Start low, and go slow is the advice that responsible CBD companies give to those looking to make the most of CBD products. This allows the user to effectively judge how they respond to different doses and to determine what works best.

However, some studies and anecdotal evidence are now suggesting that exceeding your ‘optimal dose’ can also have inverse effects, also known as the ‘biphasic effect’.


What is the biphasic effect?


Biphasic CBD Graph


Compounds with a biphasic effect can produce inverse effects between low and high doses.

Alcohol, for example, has been found to produce mood-lifting effects at low to moderate doses, but sedative, depressive effects at higher doses.

Cannabidiol also seems to have biphasic effects wherein people experience a wellbeing boost at the correct dose, but then counter-productive effects at higher doses.

We have experienced this personally, and have had similar feedback from our customers. But there are also various preliminary studies with similar findings.


How much CBD is too much?


It’s easy to assume that jumping straight to a high dose will deliver better results. However, as we have just demonstrated, this is often not the case.

This is why we always recommend starting with either our 5% CBD Oil or 10% CBD Oil, with just a couple of drops morning and evening for the first week or so. If you have not noticed any difference by this point you can then begin to gradually increase the dose, while monitoring the effects.

Following this method not only ensures that you get the best results but also makes sense economically.

So, if you are new to CBD, or having insignificant results, we recommend starting from zero and working your way up. If you need some high-quality products to do so, click the button below to head over to our shop!

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