CBD For Professional Athletes

CBD has become incredibly popular among athletes due to the calming effects it can have on the body. Regular strenuous activity can take its toll, so athletes are constantly looking for ways to optimise recovery in order to achieve their goals. Professional athletes, however, may need to be more careful about the products they choose to use on a regular basis.


Is CBD an approved substance for professional athletes?


Indeed, CBD does not appear on the list of prohibited substances established by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA), which means that athletes are free to include CBD in their supplement regimes.

THC, however, remains a prohibited substance. This obviously raises concerns as to whether full spectrum CBD products can be used professionally.


Can full-spectrum CBD products be used?



Whether or not full-spectrum CBD products can be used by pro athletes is a controversial topic, and depends on the THC levels in any given product.

A full spectrum product containing approx 0.2% THC would indeed be risky, but what about full-spectrum products with traces as low as 0.05%?  Some still consider this a risk, but in reality, it may or may not lead to detectable levels of THC in the system.

It would greatly depend on how much CBD Oil is being consumed per day and an individual’s ability to process cannabinoids.

However, it’s important to note that in some instances, very high consumption of pure CBD Isolate can lead to THC being detected in the system due to isomerization. Isomerization is a process that converts CBD into THC, in some rare occasions stomach acid can facilitate this process.

So, low dose full-spectrum products with a THC level 0.05% would be considered low risk in our opinion. But consuming high dose full spectrum, or very high dose of pure CBD can both be considered as higher risk.

Despite these complexities, it’s safe to say that using THC Free products remains the lowest risk option for pro athletes, as long as they are used in moderation.


THC Free CBD products


At BROWN’S we have a deep passion for naturally effective products, which is why all of our ingestible products are full spectrum. However, THC Free products do have their uses, such as topical CBD products.

CBD patches

Our CBD patches, for example, deliver 15mg of pure CBD isolate to the system gradually over a period of 24 hours. They have high bioavailability, so despite not being full spectrum they are very effective. They can be applied to targeted areas of the body but the effects are systemic as with ingestible CBD products.


CBD Balm is also a highly popular topical product for pro athletes. Balms are designed to target topical issues such as skin, joints, and muscles, but rarely have a systemic effect on the whole body. As the CBD remains in the deep tissues and is not absorbed into the blood, the topical effects can be longer-lasting than other CBD products.

Our CBD + Wintergreen balm also contains additional plant extracts that have a calming effect to compliment the benefits of CBD. This balm has been tested on athletes with great success.

If you are a professional athlete then we highly recommend trying both of these products to see if they can help you conquer your goals.

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CBD for athletes