High-Strength CBD Patches – New Product Release

high strength cbd patches

High-Strength CBD Patches – New Product Release


Since launching our slow-release, 15mg CBD patches last year, they quickly become one of our best-selling products. This comes as no surprise when considering the high absorption rates, discretion, and convenience that they offer. Today we are excited to announce the launch of our brand new, high-strength CBD patches to anyone who requires higher doses of CBD.

In this article, we will introduce this new product and discuss whether it could be the right choice to support your wellbeing.


30MG CBD Patches

High strength CBD patches

Competitively priced at just £30.99 – our new patches contain twice as much CBD as our original patches – offering 30mg of CBD per patch.

But apart from the higher dose of CBD, larger surface area, and better value for money, they are exactly the same as their predecessor.

The CBD is gradually absorbed through the skin into the whole body for approx 24 hours. The technology used within the patches ensures notably high bioavailability (approx 40%), meaning more of the CBD can be used by the body.

Due to this, taking 30mg of CBD in the form of patches will have a much more profound effect than taking 30mg from a traditional CBD isolate oil.

The key benefits of CBD Patches over other CBD products are:

  • Long-lasting, gradual effects
  • High discretion and convenience
  • Accurate and predictable dosing
  • High efficacy and bioavailability


Are High-Strength Cannabidiol Patches Right For Me?


The suitability of a particular product for you as an individual is a complex issue to tackle. It depends on factors such as the reason for using the product, body weight, metabolism speed, or the state of one’s endocannabinoid system.

Furthermore, if you are taking any medication you would need to consult with your GP to ensure that CBD will not have any negative interactions.

We normally recommend beginners to start with a 5% or 10% CBD Oil initially, using just 1-2 drops, 3 times per day. And to follow the below guidance:

Hold the drops under the tongue for at least one minute before swallowing. And take the drops with breakfast, lunch, and dinner to optimise absorption rates.

Stick with this low dose for a couple of weeks and observe if it is having a positive impact on your wellbeing. If no significant difference is felt, you can then begin to gradually increase the dose each week until you find what works best for you as an individual.

There is no one-size-fits-all dosing regime so people should take recommended doses with a pinch of salt. It all comes down to personal experimentation. If you start with a high dose you could have undesirable effects and end up spending more than you need to.

If you have already tried CBD oil or simply want to jump straight to a product that is more convenient for your lifestyle, then you should start with our 15mg CBD patches.

CBD patches do have strong effects so you may not ever need to increase to the 30mg patches. However, as in the below video review, some people do require higher doses.

We did find that some customers were using multiple patches per day, which didn’t work out cost-effective long term. Our high-strength CBD patches are better value-for-money so they remain affordable for those in need. And if you require an even higher dose, up to 2 30mg patches can be used per day.

If you are interested in trying any of our patches, you can save 25% using code: PATCHES25. Offer ends 20/03/2022.

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