CBD Survey – 80.6% Of Customers Experience Benefits

Well-being is our business, hemp is the tool. In order to gauge our success in improving quality of life, we sent a simple, one-question CBD survey to our customers.

We asked: “Have our products positively impacted your well-being?”. Of the 103 respondents:

  • 83 (80.6%) responded with ‘Yes’
  • 19 (18.4%) responded with ‘Not sure’
  • 1 (1%) responded with ‘No’

CBD survey

While only a small proportion of our customers participated, these results do confirm that our products improve the vast majority of our customer’s well-being.

We will now reach out to the customers that replied ‘Not sure’ to see if we can assist. Sometimes it can take a while to find what dose works best for an individual, so some of these customers may soon have replied ‘Yes’.

It’s also worth noting that this CBD survey was not incentivised, in order to ensure the results were as honest and accurate as possible.

Here at BROWN’S CBD, we are firm believers that without providing significant benefit to people’s lives, the legal cannabis industry would never have grown to the size that is today. So it’s warming to see this backed by some numbers!

If you want to see if you are one of the 80% that experience benefit from hemp and cannabinoids, click the button below to discover our range of high-efficacy products.

CBD survey