CBD Drinks – Make Your Own Custom Formula

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CBD drinks can be a convenient way to sip bad vibes away, any time of day, “pour me more” – I hear you say… Cheesy rap songs aside, cannabidiol-infused drinks have exploded in popularity across the UK and are now available in many high-street shops.

And while there are some fantastic options available, you may be better off making your own custom drinks at home to get better results and potentially save money. Read on to find out how.


Water-Soluble CBD


If you want to make your own cannabinoid drinks, it’s important to use a water-soluble CBD formula.

Traditional CBD products such as oils or isolates will not mix with liquids, and in many cases, they would stick to the side of the cup and not be ingested. Furthermore, absorption rates of any ingested CBD may be low.

The amount of a substance that is successfully absorbed and used by the body is known as bioavailability. The higher the bioavailability, the more of an impact the substance has on the body.

Water Soluble CBD

Water-soluble CBD, such as our BIO-MAX product above, is formulated to both mix with liquids and have higher bioavailability.

It is also made using full-spectrum hemp extract, added terpenes, and curcumin. Each compound provides its own unique benefits and works synergistically with the rest of the compounds to improve overall efficacy.


Shop-Purchased VS DIY Drinks




The cost of buying CBD drinks varies depending on the strength, and most are made using low-cost CBD Isolate. You can expect to pay around £1.80 to £2.30 for a typical drink with 15mg of CBD.

One bottle of our BIO-MAX contains 400mg of CBD and costs £34.99. So the equivalent dose of CBD would cost £1.31. If you were to simply mix this with water each time then you would save a significant amount of money long term.

CBD drink

Even mixing it with a fruit squash drink would most likely work out cheaper. However, shop-purchased drinks are available in a wide range of delicious flavors that may be hard to replicate at home.

Nonetheless, with a little bit of creativity, you could easily create your own delicious recipes to rival shop-purchased options.




The entourage effect is a well-studied phenomenon of cannabis science. This effect demonstrates that multiple compounds (cannabinoids, terpenes…) may work synergistically with CBD to have greater effects than highly refined isolates.

As most CBD drinks are made with highly refined isolates, you may well experience better results when making a drink with the BIO-MAX. As it is rich in natural cannabinoids and terpenes.

Another important thing to consider is that the required dose of CBD can vary significantly from person to person. DIY drinks allow you to tailor the dose to your personal needs and ensure optimal results.




In terms of practicality, it’s difficult to decide whether DIY or shop-purchased cannabidiol drinks are better. This largely comes down to personal circumstances.

Of course, if you are out and about – at an airport, for example, buying a CBD drink from a shop is highly practical. But if you premake your drinks and keep them in the fridge at home, then there’s no need to go to a shop in the first place.

You can also carry a bottle of BIO-MAX with you wherever you go, and simply add one pump to any drink.




As you can see, there are pros and cons to buying CBD drinks from a shop and making them at home. In the end, it’s on you to decide which is best suited for your personal situation.

If you are looking for a healthy and delicious CBD smoothie recipe, check out this article, otherwise, click the button below to head over to our shop and learn more about our effective product range.

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