What Is CBD Isolate? A Simple Overview

CBD Isolate

CBD Isolate is a commonly searched term on Google in the UK. But what exactly is it? And what are its uses? Read on for a quick and simple overview.


What Is CBD Isolate?


CBD isolate is crystallised cannabidiol, which is normally between 99.8 and 99.9% pure. The remaining 0.1 – 0.2% are usually leftover plant waxes.

For those of you who don’t know, cannabidiol is a bioactive compound derived from the hemp plant. Which has recently gained momentum as a food supplement to support health and wellbeing.

Isolate is typically the most affordable form of CBD extract available.

While ‘pure’ is often associated with being a positive thing, and indeed it is with some aspects of cannabidiol isolate, that’s not always the case with natural plant extracts.


Is CBD Isolate Effective?


As with most foods and bioactive plant extracts, the benefits of CBD seem to be more pronounced when consumed along with all of the other naturally occurring compounds in the source plant.

As mentioned, CBD isolate is derived from hemp. Hemp contains over 100 terpenes, over 120 cannabinoids, and a vast range of additional bioactive compounds.

Extracts containing all of these compounds are known as ‘full-spectrum’. Isolates, however, eliminate all of the other components of the plant.

While the science is still preliminary, a synergistic relationship between these compounds has been observed. This relationship is known as the entourage effect, which seems to enhance the effects of individual components such as CBD.

The entourage effect is not fully understood but the vast amount of anecdotal evidence and preliminary studies seem to demonstrate its existence.

So, in terms of efficacy as a food supplement, the general consensus is that CBD isolate is suboptimal when compared to extracts containing a wider range of compounds. So what are the benefits?


Benefits Of CBD Isolate


While, for most people, full-spectrum CBD extracts will probably provide more benefit, that’s not to say that will be the same for every individual.

We are all unique and some people may potentially be sensitive to other components of the plant, making CBD isolate easier to tolerate. We have heard of this on a few ‘isolated’ occasions (pun intended).

Full-spectrum products also contain minute traces of THC. While these are typically below legal limits and provide no intoxicating effects, they can be of concern for people who are drug tested, such as athletes or military personnel. In this instance, isolate may be an attractive option.

For some, the low cost of  isolate can be desirable. As while it may be suboptimal, it will still provide some benefits. So for people on a budget, this could be better than nothing.

For non-food products such as cosmetics, the entourage effect may be less relevant, making isolate more relevant.

We use isolate in our CBD Balm and CBD Patches. For the balm, this allows a large amount of CBD to be distributed affordably onto the skin. Isolate is also of benefit as athletic types make up a large proportion of customers for CBD topicals.

The technology used in our patches allows isolate to be absorbed by the body much more efficiently than with ingestion. This means that despite not containing the additional plant compounds, they remain a highly effective option.


Buy CBD Isolate In The UK


If you are looking to buy CBD isolate to support your health and wellbeing, we would recommend trying our patches for the reasons outlined above. If you intend to consume CBD in the form of a food supplement, you will probably be better off choosing a product that remains closer to the source plant.

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CBD Isolate