New & Improved CBD Vape Range

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Here at BROWN’S, we always like to act upon feedback and ensure that we are offering the best products available for our customers. And while our previous CBD Vape range was effective, there was a lot of room for improvement.

In this article, we will introduce you to the new vape range, outline what has changed, and explain why this is good for you as a customer.


New Cannabis-Derived Terpenes


We continue to use the same high-quality CBD distillate but have upgraded the terpenes that are added to the blend.

Our previous vape range used a combination of natural plant terpenes in specific ratios that were the same as what is found in cannabis. This gave the carts a somewhat similar flavor and effect to different cannabis strains.

However, despite the best efforts to mimic these strains, they didn’t quite taste like the real deal.

Cannabis terpenes

Our new carts contain premium distilled terpenes that are fresh from genuine a-grade cannabis flowers. This gives them a near-identical flavor to the strains that they are extracted from, and of course, allows the user to experience the well-being benefits associated with the terpenes.

We have also found that these cannabis terpenes are much smoother to vape than other plant terpenes that we have tried. Making the whole experience much more pleasurable.

The only downside is that they are more expensive, but they are definitely worth the higher price tag.


Full Ceramic 510 Carts (0.5ml)


Since the launch of our previous range, we discovered full-ceramic cartridges. With these carts, the only material that makes contact with the CBD extract is high-quality ceramic.

Using ceramic instead of metal allows for a cleaner, smoother, and better-tasting vaping experience.
Full ceramic CBD cart
While not confirmed, there were also concerns that using metal carts could allow for heavy metals to leach into the extract over time. So ceramic may be safer to use than metal carts long term.

We also reduced the size of the cartridges to 0.5ml. This is for two main reasons.

Firstly, we found that 1ml cartridges were more prone to faults than 0.5ml. And secondly, as it helps to keep the terpenes fresh and ensure the best possible taste. For some customers, the 1ml carts lasted so long that by the time they got to the bottom of the cart, the flavor had diminished.

All in all, using these new carts with new cannabis-derived terpenes has made the vaping experience much more pleasurable. Again, they are more expensive, but certainly worth it.


New 510 Vape Batteries


Last, but not least, we have sourced a vape battery that is both more functional and reliable.

While we did test our previous batteries before launch, after sending them to many customers, we realised that the fault rate was higher than expected. They also had fairly limited functionality and did not have the option to toggle through temperatures.

510 Vape Battery

These new batteries are much more reliable, have longer battery life, and give the option to toggle through low, medium, and high temperatures depending on personal preference.

If you are a fan of vaping CBD, we highly recommend giving our new range a try, you will not be disappointed! Click the button below to learn more.

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