What is CBDa? CBD’s Forgotten Twin

What is CBDa?

When looking to Buy CBD Oil Online, one of the first things people tend to look out for is the total CBD content of a product. This is great, it’s very important to check the contents of a product. But as well as CBD, there are other things that you should look out for, and one of those things is CBDa. Read on to find out what CBDa is and why it’s important.


What is CBDa?


CBDa is an abbreviation of Cannabidiolic Acid, which is, as the name suggests – the acidic form of CBD.

As shown in the diagram below, the Hemp plant produces a range of cannabinoids that go through different stages of conversion as it grows.

Cannabinoid Conversion Diagram

CBG and CBGVa are the first cannabinoids produced, which then convert into THCa & THCVa, CBDa & CBDVa and CBCa & CBCVa.

When these acidic cannabinoids are exposed to heat, light or naturally over time, they will convert into the neutral forms of Δ9-THC & THCV, CBD & CBDV, CBC & CBCV and CBG & CBGV.

So, CBDa is the original, raw form of CBD that is found in fresh plant matter.


What are the benefits of CBDa?


As with CBD, CBDa interacts with the Endocannabinoid System, which in turn helps to promote general health and enhance wellbeing.

CBDa and CBD also have a wide range of more specific benefits that are definitely worth researching yourself (we can’t legally talk about them).

Whilst many of these benefits overlap, it’s important to note that CBDa has demonstrated its own unique benefits – different to those of CBD.

However, a key benefit of CBDa that we can talk about is bioavailability.


What is bioavailability?


Bioavailabilty is the extent to which a substance can be effectively used by the body. In most cases, this reflects the amount of a substance that makes it into the bloodstream.

Cannabinoids by nature are fatty compounds that the body has a hard time processing, so they have poor bioavailability.

The reason we need to hold the drops of CBD Oil UK under the tongue is that cannabinoids are more bioavalable through the mucus membranes in our mouth than they are through ingestion.

An Italian study into the tolerability of oral cannabis preparations found that CBDa is 18x more bioavailable than CBD.

The findings of this study show that for the benefits that overlap between CBD and CBDa, CBDa is 18x more effective and therefore 18x better value for money than CBD.

Whilst CBD does have many benefits that could be considered as superior to those of CBDa (depending on the user), the study highlights the importance ensuring that CBD Hemp Oils contain both the acidic and neutral forms.


How do I know if a CBD Oil contains CBDa?


To find out if a CBD oil contains CBDa, you will need to check the lab reports of the product.

All of the lab reports for our CBD Hemp Oils can be found in the images section of each individual product on Our Shop

The lab reports will show you a breakdown of the cannabinoid profile of the oil.

Our 10% CBD Hemp Oil contains approx 7.8% CBD and 2.2% CBDa. This healthy balance of neutral and acidic cannabinoids gives our oil a wider range of benefits than many other CBD Oils available, and also enhances the entourage effect.


What is the entourage effect?


The entourage effect is a phenomenon where the effects of a given cannabinoid are enhanced when surrounded by the range of natural compounds that can be found in the original plant.

These compounds include acidic cannabinoids such as CBDa, terpenes, flavonoids and many more.

All of our products are rich in all of the above and have been made in a way that gives them the best possible entourage effect.


What is CBDa?


We hope that you now better understand what CBDa is and our reasons for preserving it in our products.

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