Heavy Metals In CBD Products – A Cause For Concern?

CBD Heavy Metals

Anyone who has done their homework on CBD will know that it is a safe and well-tolerated compound for most people. But the way in which CBD products are produced can impact their overall safety. Some CBD Oils, for example, have been found to contain elevated levels of heavy metals which can be harmful. Should you be concerned? Read on to find out.


What are heavy metals?


A heavy metal is any metal with a notably high density, such as:

  • Arsenic
  • Lead
  • Copper
  • Zinc
  • Mercury
  • Nickel
  • Cadmium

Such elements are naturally occurring in some soil, but high levels are normally due to pollution.

When crops are grown in soil that is high in heavy metals, the plants can absorb them as they grow, which can ultimately lead to traces in the final food product.

The issue is that heavy metals such as Arsenic, Cadmium, Lead and Mercury can be toxic and lead to a wide range of health issues.


Does Hemp contain heavy metals?


Hemp can be regarded as a highly efficient bioaccumulator. This means that it is very good at drawing substances from the soil into the plant itself.

In some cases, this can be very beneficial. Absorbing high levels of vitamins and minerals from the soil means healthier food for eating. Hemp has also been used to clean up radioactive waste from the Chernobyl disaster.

However, this means that if Hemp is grown on poor quality, polluted land without proper management, it will more than likely contain high levels of heavy metals. And when large amounts of Hemp are used for extraction, the final product would contain these heavy metals in high concentrations.


Should I be concerned?


Luckily, controlling levels of heavy metals is a normal part of food safety for all food products. So as long as your CBD supplier is abiding by all relevant regulations, this should not be an issue.

At BROWN’S CBD, our products are made using hemp that is grown organically in high-quality soil. Before harvesting, the hemp goes through vigorous testing for pesticides and heavy metals.

Sometimes the outer perimeter of a hemp field can test higher for pollutants due to its exposure to the air. So contaminants can be managed by destroying any part of the crop that tests too high, to ensure that levels in the final product are below the official thresholds.

This further outlines the importance of choosing high-quality CBD products. If you are supplementing for health and wellbeing, the last thing you want is toxic substances in your product. All of our products are produced according to the most rigorous food safety standards which guarantee that they are completely safe and healthy for regular use.

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