Brexit Delays – Where’s My CBD?!

Brexit CBD

Since Brexit, we have been having a very difficult time importing our products from the Netherlands. We like to keep our customers in the loop so this article will outline what has been happening.


What Is Causing The Delays?



Parcels that used to flow freely across the border now require customs declarations in order to get through. These declarations are used to calculates taxes and customs charges on the goods and allow customs to stop illegal goods from entering the country.

The customs declarations for our products are fairly simple and have been done correctly from the start. However, many unprepared businesses have sent goods to the UK without the correct documentation.

This has caused an enormous backlog of packages to accumulate at the borders which have effectively overwhelmed nearly every delivery company.

To put this into perspective, some deliveries that used to take 2 days are now taking over 30 days to arrive.


Why Not Switch To A UK Supplier?


Our products come directly from the source, who control the entire process from seed to sale. Our team in the Netherlands are world-class and offer what are widely regarded to be the highest quality and most effective CBD products in the UK.

We have yet to find any company in the UK that offers legal CBD products that meet the same specifications as the products we currently supply.

We do not want to compromise on quality, if even our profits suffer as a result of it.


How Long Will These Issues Last?



We expect the border issues to improve within a couple of months. We are currently waiting on a large shipment that should prevent us from going out of stock again. This should arrive this week, however, the situation is highly unpredictable.


I Have Ran Out Of CBD And My Wellbeing Is Suffering, What Shall I Do?


Wellbeing always comes first. If you have run out and need more CBD, please don’t hesitate to try using a different supplier.

We just have to hope that you value our products/service enough to come back to us when we’re back in stock!

We hope you understand the situation a little better now! We will inform all email subscribers the moment our stock has landed. If you want to subscribe to email notifications CLICK HERE and head down to the bottom of our home page.