5 Inspirational Women In UK Health & Wellbeing

5 Inspirational Women In UK Health & Wellbeing

Health & wellbeing is what we're all about at BROWN'S CBD - we founded the company with a mission to harness hemp to help improve quality of life.

As it's international women's day, we thought we'd take the opportunity to share the stories of some amazing women who have been making waves and improving the health of people across the UK.

Read on to discover, in no particular order, our top 5 inspirational women in UK health and wellbeing!


Top Women In UK Health & Wellness


1) Dr. Megan Rossi

Recognised as one of the top 10 dieticians in the UK, Dr.Rossi, also known as The Gut Health Doctor, has improved the lives of thousands by helping to optimise gut health.

Her passion for gut health was fueled by the loss of her beloved grandmother to bowel cancer, which led her to help undertake groundbreaking research in the field.

Today, Dr. Rossi is a published author of ‘Eat Yourself Healthy’, a speaker, online educator, and clinician based in London.

Why not follow her on Instagram for some gut-loving recipes and more?

2) Sarah-Jane Marsh


Sarah-Jane Marsh is a renowned NHS leader whose efforts have made a significant impact on patient health and wellbeing.

Some of her achievements include:

- Becoming the youngest hospital leader in Britain at the age of 32.

- Creating the first integrated Women's and Children's Trust.

- Helping the Children's Trust to become the first stand-alone hospital to achieve an ‘Outstanding’ rating by the CQC (Quality Care Commission).

The knock-on effects of these achievements would have surely boosted the health and wellbeing of a huge sum of people!


3) Dr. Danni Gordon

Dr. Danni Gordon is a London-based cannabis clinician who harnesses medical cannabis to help alleviate suffering in those with chronic illnesses.

Having helped train thousands of doctors in the UK, she is considered a pioneer in the UK medical cannabis space. She has also spoken at the UN and given medical cannabis recommendations to the government.

Her book, The CBD Bible, is a great read for anyone who is interested in a practical guide to the medicinal benefits of cannabis.

4) Natasha Devon MBE

Natasha Devon is a renowned presenter, writer, and mental health activist with a particular focus on body image, gender, and equality.

She delivers talks across the world, has a weekly radio slot on LBC (Saturday from 7pm), and is the founder of the Health Media Charter, which holds the media accountable for the way they talk about mental health.

Some of her books include ‘Clicks Cover’ & ‘Toxic’, click here to visit her website!


5) Sarah Lindsay

3x Olympian Sarah Lindsey is one of the top female personal trainers in the UK, an owner of multiple gyms, a nutrition coach, and a public speaker.

She is also the founder of ROAR Fitness, who are a team of coaches who deliver world-class, personalised fitness training to their clients.

With a following of 91k on Instagram, it's safe to say that her positive influence has spread far and wide. Check out her account @roarfitnessgirl for fitness tips and to follow her journey!

Thanks for reading, and have a wonderful Women's Day!