Full Spectrum CBD Capsules - Are They Effective?

Full Spectrum CBD Capsules - Are They Effective?

Here at BROWN'S CBD, we only offer products that can have a positive impact on your well-being.

So when deciding to add a new product to our range, we always carefully assess to what extent it can be effective.

After receiving many requests for Full Spectrum CBD Capsules, we decided that they do indeed have their place. Read on to find out why! 


Absorption Rates


CBD Capsules have a bad reputation for being an inefficient way to consume CBD.

This is due to the fact that some existing studies indicate that only a small amount of CBD consumed via capsules can make it into the bloodstream.

For those of you who don't know already - the percentage of a substance that is successfully absorbed by the body is known as bioavailability. 

So far, the bioavailability of CBD consumed in capsule form seems to be around 6%.

However, this can increase fourfold when consumed with a high-fat meal. This is why we recommend consuming CBD capsules within 30 minutes of eating your breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

Despite what the existing literature indicates, many people find CBD Capsules to be very effective and have longer-lasting effects than sublingual oils.


Full Spectrum Hemp Capsules


We are passionate about the benefits of the whole plant, so when deciding the composition of the capsules, we wanted to include as many beneficial compounds as possible.

What better way to do so than using only 100% Raw Hemp?! No extraction, no refining, 100% milled hemp powder.

While our product range is generally based on minimally processed products, a certain degree of processing is necessary to be able to consume cannabinoids in oil form. So the levels of some compounds will be inevitably reduced.

Furthermore, using raw hemp in the capsule instead of a CBD extract may overcome the bioavailability issues previously discussed.

The dominant cannabinoid in these capsules is CBDA (Cannabidiolic acid), which has been found to be around 4x more bioavailable than CBD in its neutral form. 

The hemp plant is estimated to have over 120 naturally occurring cannabinoids, over 100 terpenes, flavonoids, and probably hundreds of compounds yet to be discovered.  Our capsules offer the complete package.

This not only delivers the benefits of each individual compound but also offers the user a powerful entourage effect due to the synergistic relationship between them.

While they are made of raw hemp, they still contain roughly 10 mg of naturally occurring CBDA/CBD per capsule. So they could also be defined as Full Spectrum CBD Capsules


Is Raw Hemp Underrated?


We think so. Businesses have been so focused on CBD, but little emphasis tends to be given to the benefits of consuming the raw plant.

In the CBD Bible book, Dr Danni Gordon talks of incredibly healthy people living in Canada who simply grow Cannabis, put it in a blender, and drink away.

This has little to no psychoactive effects but may have significant health benefits. However, due to the fact that raw hemp is not much of a profitable business model, and can't be patented, there have been few studies undertaken to prove this. 

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