The Ultimate Hemp-Powered Protein Shake

The Ultimate Hemp-Powered Protein Shake

Stop! Put down that pint glass of raw eggs, Rocky. There's a better way…

If you're looking to build muscle, recover from strenuous activity, or gain a competitive edge - read on for a secret hemp-powered recipe that will take your training to the next level.




The Ultimate CBD Protein Shake


First things first, while this protein shake is hemp-powered, the choice of actual protein powder is up to you. We wanted to allow some flexibility here as dietary requirements can vary significantly from person to person.

However, the rest of the ingredients are non-negotiable. Now that we're on the same page, let's jump to the recipe!




  1. 250ml of water.

    Why? It's a protein shake, not a powdered meal.
  2. 1 scoop of flavored protein powder.

    Why? Protein shakes require protein! And surely you want it to taste nice?
  3.  2 pumps of the BIO-MAX (16mg CBD).

    Why? Normal CBD oil doesn't mix with liquids. This water-soluble CBD formula is effortlessly absorbed by the body and will compliment the protein with its calming effects. It also contains traces of other hemp cannabinoids to add some synergy to the mix.
  4. 1 Full Spectrum Hemp Capsule (10mg CBDA/CBD), emptied.

    Why? Why not? The hemp plant contains hundreds of active calming compounds that are ideal for athletes. These capsules are rich in raw cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, and many vitamins and minerals - many of which have demonstrated huge well-being-boosting potential in preliminary studies.



  1. Add the ingredients to a protein shaker in the order that they are listed.
  2. Shake it like there's no tomorrow!
  3. Drink and let the combined goodness of protein and hemp do their thing.

So there you have it, while we may be biased, we think that adding these secret ingredients to your recovery shakes will be massively beneficial. But that's for you to discover!

You can also try combining this CBD protein shake with other supplements such as Tongkat Ali to really get an edge in terms of strength,

If you are looking for some topical products to help from the outside in rather than the inside out, you might want to take a look at our CBD Patches or CBD Balms.

Thanks for reading and please do reach out to let us know how you get on :)