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100% Vegan Hemp Capsules, containing all of the plant's beneficial compounds and naturally high levels of CBDA.

Buy CBD Capsules UK

New Batch - Check cannabinoid levels below.

Our full spectrum hemp capsules are made using the finest quality, certified organic Futura 75 Hemp. Ideal for people wanting to benefit from hemp in its unaltered form, as close to the plant as can be.

Being 100% RAW, our capsules naturally contain high levels of CBDa + CBD, and all of the additional cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids and beneficial compounds naturally present in the plant. All of which contribute to the entourage effect - a botanical phenomenon in which multiple plant compounds work in synergy to enhance the potency of the product.

CBDa has been overshadowed by CBD in terms of research, however, one study found CBDa to be 4x more bioavailable than CBD. Meaning it can be absorbed 4x more efficiently by the body.

Cannabinoid Content*: 

- CBDA ~ 324mg ( ~ 5.4mg per cap)
- CBD ~ 96mg ( ~ 1.6mg per cap)
- CBGA ~ 237mg ( ~ 3.9mg per cap)
- Traces of additional cannabinoids such as CBG and CBC.
- THC <0.05%

* Exact cannabinoid levels may vary from batch to batch due to the unstandardised nature of milled hemp.


Produced from organically grown EU Hemp (Cannabis Sativa L).

  • Full Spectrum
  • Vegan Friendly 
  • Biodegradable Pouch
  • Lab Tested
  • Organically Grown Hemp
  • No Pesticides
  • No Heavy Metals
  • RAW
  • Non Novel, Zero Extraction


Milled Hemp, HPMC Vegan Capsule.


  • Swallow 1-3 capsules per day. Best taken with a meal.

Delivery Info:

Orders placed before 14:00 Monday to Friday will be dispatched on the same day and normally arrive within 1-3 working days.


Do not exceed 70mg of CBD per day.Not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Should be used as part of a varied diet and healthy lifestyle. Please consult your doctor before using to determine if right for your needs. Store in a cool dark place and keep out of reach of children. Do not use whilst pregnant or breastfeeding. 

Please note - BROWN'S CBD products can only be purchased by people over the age of 18.

Have any questions? CLICK HERE to head over to our FAQ page or HERE to drop us an email.


Statements on this website have not been evaluated by the FSA.

What are the best CBD capsules UK?

There are hundreds of available options when it comes to buying CBD capsules in the UK. While many claim to be the best, the extent to which a particular product can help you will depend on many factors. Our full spectrum hemp capsules are naturally high in CBDa, with traces of every compound that can be found in the plant. CBDa has 4x the bioavailability of CBD, and traces of other compounds contribute to a synergistic relationship which can improve the overall efficacy.

Are CBD capsules better than CBD drops?

CBD capsules tend to have longer lasting effects than using CBD drops under the tongue. However, it takes longer to feel the effects, and the effects tend to be milder. It really comes down to personal experimentation to find what works best for you.

Will full spectrum capsules get me high?

The levels of THC (<0.05%) found in our capsules is far too low to produce any high or intoxication. However, just having these minutes amounts present does tend to make the capsules more effective due to the entourage effect.

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Good product

Decent price and happy with the quality.

Mr Alasdair R Kelly | Glasgow | October 2023

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BROWN'S CBD 30/10/2023

Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

These are really good I use these once a day and a patch and they are amazing at keeping the pain away! Verified Purchase

I find these are really good and making me feel like I have less pain. I also feel more even keep in my mood which is a bonus! I take one of these a day and a patch and it keeps me reasonable pain free and feeling more human!

Maria | Wales | December 2023

They certainly help me with my pain. I would certainly recommend.

I already take CBD drops in the evening and wanted these to add the CBD & CBA to give the extra pain killing possible with the combination this offered. I have found it works for me really well.

Maria skye | Cardiff | January 2024

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BROWN'S CBD 28/01/2024

Fantastic to hear, Maria! Thanks for sharing your thoughts :)

BROWN'S CBD 28/01/2024

Fantastic to hear, Maria! Thanks for sharing your thoughts :)

Excellent product. Verified Purchase

A very effective product, good price, very fast delivery.

Michael Omalley | Birmingham | May 2024

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BROWN'S CBD 20/05/2024

Great to hear that you are happy Michael - thanks for choosing BROWN'S!

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