How It's Made

 Our premium quality CBD oil is made using several Hemp Cannabis Sativa strains that are grown organically under government license and harvested in the open air of Ireland. Supercritical CO2 extraction is then used to create our full spectrum extract. This method of extraction involves highly expensive machinery and ensures that the final product is of the highest purity available. It is also the most environmentally friendly method of extraction.

The extract is then decarboxylated, which is a process that heats the extract to activate all of the inactive chemicals and increase bioavailability, which is the degree in which a substance is readily absorbed into the blood. Low temperatures are used when heating in order to retain many of the beneficial terpenes.

Next, unwanted plant matter such as wax is filtered out to optimise the taste and purity of the oil. The end product is a beautifully golden coloured extract. This extract is then mixed with organic cold-pressed hemp seed oil which is full of essential fatty acids that are essential for human health.

Finally, our oil is bottled into mat black glass bottles which protect it from light and preserve its potency longer than transparent or translucent bottles.