How it's made

BROWN'S CBD oil is created by PhD scientists at Europe's largest and most experienced CBD producers. All of our oils are produced under the strictest quality control conditions to guarantee the highest quality that money can buy. 

All of our oils are: Full Spectrum, 100% Natural, Lab Tested, Vegan Certified, Additive Free, Nut Free and Sugar Free.

Our hemp farms are just across the sea in Ireland.

We use several organically grown hemp cannabis Sativa strains and CO2 extraction to create our groundbreaking full spectrum extract. This extract is then decarboxylated, which is a process that heats the oil in order to activate all of the inactive chemicals. Next, excess plant matter is filtered out to optimise the taste and purity of the oil. The end product is a beautifully golden coloured extract.

This extract is then mixed into organic cold-pressed hemp seed oil which is full of essential fatty acids that are essential for human health.

Finally, our oil is bottled into mat black bottles which protect it from light and preserve its potency.