Unbeatable Experience

All of our CBD hemp oils and our hemp tea are created under the supervision of PhD scientists at Europe's largest CBD producer who have been in the industry since 1999 and are global leaders in the production and innovation of hemp. 

Locally Sourced

Our CBD hemp oils and hemp tea are sourced from government licensed hemp farms in the EU.

100% Natural

The Hemp used to make our CBD hemp oil and tea is grown using nothing but natural methods in good quality, European soil. 

Fast & Free Delivery

All UK orders get free 24h tracked delivery with same day dispatch before 15:30 pm Monday to Friday.

Environmentally Friendly 

Our products are made using CO2 extraction, which is known to be the most environmentally-friendly method of extracting CBD. On top of that, we hate waste and try our best to reduce packaging to the absolute minimum.

Quality Preserved

Given that light can damage CBD potency, we decided to bottle our CBD oils into mat black glass bottles so you don't have to worry about storing your oil in a dark place.

Vegan Certified

Our oils are produced by the world's first vegan certified CBD producer! So you can rest assured that no animals were harmed in the production or testing of our products. Our team also follow a plant-based diet!

Exceptional Quality 

Our CBD oils are produced under the strictest quality control conditions using state of the art, custom built machinery to ensure the highest quality on the market. Our golden oils also go through special filtering which purifies it and gives it a smoother taste than many other CBD oils. Every product that we sell has been manufactured to GMP standard ensuring the best possible quality at every stage of production. 

Affordable Prices

Last but not least, we sell our products at market-leading prices in attempt to make the benefits of CBD affordable for all.