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Cold-Pressed CBD UK

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Vegan-friendly 85% dark chocolate infused with cold-pressed & full spectrum CBD.
Produced using an artisanal, cold-pressed extraction method, this CBDA Hemp Oil provides a near-identical balance of cannabinoids to the raw hemp plant.

What Is Cold-Pressed CBD?

Cold pressed CBD & hemp products use a very gentle cold-pressed extraction method which results in the end product having higher than average levels of terpenes and other volatile compounds.

Due to the near-lossless extraction - cold pressed products are full spectrum by default and contain all compounds that are naturally produced by the plant. The process involves applying extreme pressure to the hemp while submerged in lightly heated oil, which transfers all of the goodness from the plant to the oil.

While our potent full spectrum oils are rich in cannabinoids and terpenes, the CO2 extraction method does lead to a minor loss of the plant's terpenes.

How Do Cold-Pressed Hemp Oils Taste?

Cold-pressed hemp oils taste like the real deal - they taste just like the cannabis plant smells. This makes them a very attractive option for cannabis 'connoisseurs' who want an experience as close to nature as possible.

Why Are Cold Pressed Products Only Available In Low Strengths?

As no selective extraction or refining is done to cold-pressed products, they are limited to the strength of the source material. The strength of the source material will vary, but using EU or UK hemp this tends to be around the 3% CBDa/CBD mark.

This is why we have bottled our cold pressed hemp oils in larger 20ml bottles, as users may need to use more to get their required dose.

What Is The Entourage Effect?

The Entourage effect refers to the increased potency of cannabis products depending on the levels and variety of compounds present.

Products such as CBD Isolate do not provide an entourage effect as they use pure CBD alone. But cold pressed hemp oils are on the other end of the scale, offering the best entourage effect available.

Cannabinoids such as CBDa, CBD, CBC, CBG, terpenes, flavonoids and other hemp compounds have a synergistic effect which tends to mean users require much fewer drops to get the desired results.

Here at BROWN'S we are passionate about the entourage effect and full spectrum products, so our cold-pressed range are a very welcomed addition.

Are Cold-Pressed CBD Products Novel Foods?

No - cold-pressed CBD products are traditional food products that do not undergo any selective extraction. They, therefore, do not satisfy the FSA's definition of novel CBD products.