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Full Spectrum Hemp Capsules UK

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100% Vegan Hemp Capsules, containing all of the plant's beneficial compounds and naturally high levels of CBDA.

Full Spectrum Hemp Capsules

Made using the finest organically grown hemp, these Full Spectrum Hemp Capsules will offer a convenient way to experience the best possible entourage effect.

CBD Oils, Water Soluble CBD products and CBD Patches all offer efficient ways to experience the benefits of the hemp plant. However, one thing they all have in common is that they have been processed.

While our products are minimally processed, processing of any form inevitably leads to the reduction of some compounds. If we simply ground up some hemp and mixed it with oil, it would be far from palatable for most people.

Our new capsules contain 1 ingredient within the capsule - RAW Hemp. This means you can now consume Hemp in its natural form, without any alteration of its compounds. To date, there have been over 120 cannabinoids identified in the hemp plant, as well as hundreds of beneficial terpenes, flavonoids, vitamins and minerals. These compounds not only offer unique individual health benefits but also have a synergistic relationship known as the 'entourage effect'. When combined, they seem to complement each other and lead to a more potent effect.

There are more than likely hundreds of additional compounds yet to be adequately identified within the plant, and we believe that the benefits of the raw plant are highly underrated, so consuming these capsules may offer a wider range of benefits than processed CBD

Do Full Spectrum CBD Capsules Have Low Bioavailability?

Technically, yes. According to the existing literature, which is limited, consuming CBD capsules is not an efficient way to consume CBD, with only 6% - 20% of the CBD being absorbed by the body. This proportion of a substance being absorbed by the body is known as bioavailability.

However, as our hemp capsules are Raw, the predominant cannabinoid is CBDa (Cannabidioilic acid), not CBD. CBDa has been found to be 4x more bioavailable than CBD, so these studies are less relevant. 

Furthermore, the entourage effect and wide range of other compounds these capsules offer may well outweigh any limited bioavailability. Because despite what the current science says, they still seem to be highly effective.

Why Are They Called Hemp Capsules, And Not CBD Capsules?

Because they contain exactly that - Hemp. There has been no selective extraction undertaken to create these capsules. So while they do contain naturally occurring cannabinoids such as CBD, 'CBD Capsules' would be a limited description for what they are.

How Long Do The Effects Of Capsules Last?

From the limited available literature and our own experience, consuming Hemp in a capsule offers longer-lasting effects than using the sub lingual method with CBD Oils. 6-8 hours is a reasonable estimate for how long they last, however this will always vary from person to person.

How Many Capsules Should I Take?

For general wellbeing and health support, one capsule per day after breakfast should suffice. However, if you are using the capsules for a more specific purpose, you may wish to increase the number of capsules gradually and monitor the results. Everyone is different and this is the best way to find out what works best for you personally. 

Can These Capsules Be Used In Conjunction With Other CBD Products?

Absolutely. One product that these capsules will be perfect to use with is our CBD Patches. These patches offer a highly efficient way to absorb Cannabidiol into the system, but they lack all of the other compounds present in Hemp, so they do not exhibit an entourage effect.

By combining the patches with these capsules, you will have the best of both worlds - all of the hemp plant's compounds + highly bioavailable CBD.