How Much CBD Do I Need?

How Much CBD Do I Need?

So you've done your research and decided that CBD is worth trying to support your well-being, but you're probably wondering how much you actually need. Well, there is no one-size-fits-all dose, but in this article, we will try our best to answer that question.


CBD Dosage Variables


One of the reasons why it can be very hard to recommend one dose for everyone is that people use CBD for a wide range of different purposes, which may require different doses. While we sell our hemp and cannabinoid products to support general well-being, we are well aware that people use our products for more specific purposes.

Many customers come to us and ask for recommendations on which product or dose to use for a wide range of medical conditions. But as our products are sold as food supplements, we can not legally advise on such matters.

In this case, we would normally advise the customer to do some research on their end or consult with a medical professional. But even then, there is currently a lack of research to demonstrate an optimal dose for many specific issues.

Other factors, such as body weight and the current state of one's endocannabinoid system can also influence the required cannabidiol dosage. 


Low And Slow


Because of the variables mentioned above, there is currently only one reliable method for working out what works for you as an individual - start low then gradually increase if necessary, monitoring the effects along the way.

You could respond well to very low doses of CBD, so jumping straight to a higher dose can be counter-productive from both a well-being and economic perspective.

Follow the below steps to gain a true perspective on how your body reacts to hemp products and find your optimal dose:

  1. Choose a low-strength product such as our 5% CBD Hemp Oil.
  2. Start with a low dose - 2-3 drops (5-7.5mg CBD), twice per day should suffice.
  3. Ensure that the drops are held under the tongue for at least one minute before swallowing, and try to time taking them within 30 minutes of eating a meal to help with absorption.
  4.  Stick with this dose for one week, and see if you are getting the desired results.
  5. After one week you can begin to gradually increase the dose, each week, if necessary. 
  6.  If you previously benefited from the starting dose, try to assess whether increasing leads to further relief. If it doesn't, you may wish to either revert to the original dose or continue increasing.

While following the above steps can take time, it is definitely worth it, as it can save you money and time in the future.

If, however, you have tried CBD oil at various doses and feel that it's not working at all, please get in touch before giving up. In many cases, customers who don't experience benefits from oils later discover products such as CBD patches, or hemp capsules work better.

We hope that this article has been useful for you. If you want to discover our product range, click the green ‘Shop Now’ button at the top of this page.