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A highly effective Water Soluble CBD UK formula that is up to 10 times more readily absorbed than a standard oil when ingested. 400mg of CBD/CBDA, a range of beneficial terpenes for maximum entourage effect + curcumin.
A full spectrum CBD balm with 1000mg of CBD and genuine cannabis essential oil. Packed full of beneficial cannabis compounds.
Vegan-friendly 85% dark chocolate infused with cold-pressed & full spectrum CBD.
Canna-lime flavoured, vegan friendly, full-spectrum & sugar free CBD gummies. 
A highly effective 10% CBD Oil containing 1000mg of CBD/CBDA, hemp seed oil and a range of beneficial terpenes for maximum entourage effect.
A highly effective 20% CBD Oil containing 2000mg of CBD/CBDA, hemp seed oil and a range of beneficial terpenes for maximum entourage effect.
A highly effective 25% CBD Oil containing 2500mg of CBD/CBDA, hemp seed oil and a range of beneficial terpenes for maximum entourage effect.
A  highly effective 5% CBD Oil containing 500mg of CBD/CBDA, hemp seed oil and a range of beneficial terpenes for maximum entourage effect.
Transdermal CBD Patches offer a highly bioavailable, long-lasting alternative to oral CBD products.
New 30mg high strength CBD patches, offering a highly bioavailable, long-lasting alternative to oral CBD products.
A highly effective 3% CBG Oil UK containing 300mg of CBG/CBGA + CBD/CBDA, hemp seed oil and a range of beneficial terpenes for maximum entourage effect.
Produced using an artisanal, cold-pressed extraction method, this CBDA Hemp Oil provides a near-identical balance of cannabinoids to the raw hemp plant.
100% Vegan Hemp Capsules, containing all of the plant's beneficial compounds and naturally high levels of CBDA.
The perfect blend of Lion's Mane Mushroom Extract, Hemp, and B12 to support optimal brain function.

Each product found on this page has been created with the highest quality ingredients to the highest possible standards. Our CBD Oils, for example, are some of the only available in the UK to be produced to ISO 22000 standards. 

Which Product Should I Choose?

The effects of cannabinoids and specific CBD products can be highly personal, depending on factors such as age, weight, metabolism speed and the state of one's endocannabinoid system. The best way to find out which specific product works for you is to give each of them a try.

However, we always recommend that beginners start with either our 5% or 10% CBD Oil, with just a couple of drops morning and evening with a meal. Starting low then gradually increasing until you feel the most benefit.

If you have tried oral oils and are not keen on the natural flavour, you may want to try our water soluble CBD product - the BIO-MAX. This can be mixed with any drink and be efficiently absorbed by the body.

If you prefer a longer-lasting, gradual effect and high convenience, then our CBD Patches are a very effective alternative to traditional CBD products.

Looking for something sweeter? Our CBD Gummies UK are the perfect option for those looking to satisfy their taste buds while experiencing a wellbeing boost. 

Why Should I Take CBD Oil With A Meal?

Studies have shown that taking cannabidiol with a meal that contains fats can increase bioavailability up to 14x. Bioavailability is the extent to which a substance is absorbed by the body, the higher the bioavailability - the more effective the product will be.

Why Do I Need To Start Low?

Some people are more sensitive to CBD than others, so jumping to a high strength or dose may mean that you take too much. Sometimes having more than you need can be counter-productive.

By starting low and increasing gradually, and carefully monitoring the effects, you can find your 'optimum dose'. Which is the amount of CBD that gives the best results for you.

What's The Best CBD Product for Anxiety, Pain, Sleep or Stress?

Our products are sold as food supplements to support general wellbeing. We are not legally permitted to make any medicinal claims about our products so you will need to do some research yourself to find the answer to this question.

How Long Will It Take To Feel The Effects Of CBD?

This can vary significantly from person to person. Many people will feel effects in just 10-30 minutes, depending on the product used. However, other people may need to use cannabidiol over a period of weeks to months to truly appreciate the benefits.

It can be useful to write a journal of how you feel on a daily basis, before and after CBD. Then compare it with how you felt before starting your CBD journey. 

Are Your Products Vegan?

Yes, all of our consumable products are made without the use of any animal-derived ingredients.

How Long Does Delivery Take? 

Delivery usually takes 1-4 working days from dispatch in the UK. International orders can take up to 10 working days.

Are Your Products Legal In The UK?

Yes, while our full spectrum products do contain minute amounts of controlled substances, they are always below the legal thresholds.

Does CBD Oil Damage The Liver?

Media reports expressing concerns that CBD oil may damage the liver were all based on doses that are far higher than people would ever consume. Several studies have found CBD to be a well tolerated compound that can be consumed liberally on a daily basis. However, the FSA do not recommend exceeding 70mg of CBD per day as a precaution.

What's The Strongest CBD You Can Buy In The UK?

There are currently no limits to the strength of CBD products in the UK. Even 100% pure CBD can be purchased without restriction.

However, most people find full spectrum products to provide the strongest effects. This is due to the fact that full spectrum products contain a wide range of compounds that have a synergistic relationship.

Using pure CBD isolate normally requires much higher doses to experience similar effects to full spectrum products. Our 25% CBD Oil is currently our highest strength full spectrum oil.

Will CBD Show Up On A Drugs Test?

If the drugs test is specifically looking for CBD, then yes it will show on the test. As CBD is not a controlled substance, the test would most likely be looking for THC. Full spectrum CBD products do contain minute traces of THC that could potentially show on a drugs test. But this would depend on how much CBD is being consumed on a daily basis, and is unlikely at low supplemental doses.

Can You Get Addicted To CBD?

No, CBD is a completely non-addictive substance. In fact, some scientists are now investigating CBD for its anti-addictive potential. CBD is often regarding as the 'balancing compound' of the cannabis plant, as it can counter balance many of the negative side effects of intoxicating cannabinoids such as THC.

Is It Safe To Use CBD Oil Every Day?

Yes, for most people, CBD is perfectly safe to use on a daily basis. The only people who should be cautious are those who are pregnant and breastfeeding or people who take regular medicine. If you are currently taking any medicines then please consult with your GP to determine if CBD products are safe for you as an individual.

Is CBD And Hemp The Same?

CBD is one of hundreds of compounds found in hemp, but CBD and hemp are not the same thing. Hemp is a variety of cannabis with very low levels of THC. CBD is typically extracted from hemp using CO2 extraction, ethanol extraction, or cold pressing.

How Many Cannabinoids Does Hemp Produce?

Hemp is known to produce over 120 different cannabinoids, but there are probably many more that are yet to be discovered. The most common cannabinoids found in hemp are: CBD, CBDa, CBG, CBGa, CBC, CBDV, THCa and THC.